Impact 2017

2017 Operating Support Donors

Gifts from
$10,000 - $95,000

Gifts from
$5,000 - $9,999

Gifts from
$2,500 - $4,999

Gifts from
$1,000 - $2,499

Gifts from
$500 - $999

Gifts from
$250 - $499

Gifts from
$100 - $249

Gifts from
$50 - $99

Gifts from
$25 - $49

* indicates a Monthly Donor

Gifts of $95,000+

Humane Society of the United States

Val A. Browning Foundation

Gifts of $20,000 - $40,000

Lyn and David Anderson

Bigwood Bread

Charles Engelhard Foundation

Shay Doll and Buddy Wilton Jr.

Laura and Scott Jordan, SCOTTeVEST

Audrey and Tony Mattos

Wattis Dumke Foundation

Karen and Frank Willey

Gifts of $10,000 - $19,999


Mary Bachman and William Downing

Barbara Boswell and Harold Robinson

Terri Campbell and Michael Mars

Micki and Dan Chapin

Virginia Cirica and Lawrence Goelman

Martine and Dan Drackett Family Foundation, Inc.

Moore Memorial Trust

Sally and Marc Onetto

Virginia Sapp and Bill Pierpoint

Kiki Tidwell

Cindy and Peter Urbanowicz

Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999

* Rosemary Aquilante

Hank Blanco

Burns Family Foundation

Sara and Vic Carlson

Draper Family Foundation

Fashion First Aid, Solutions that Stick, LLC

Diana Frazier

Gardner Grout Foundation

Bobbi Hunt

Keith and Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation

L&H Foundation

Susan and Gary Martin

Dick Metz

Stacy Middlebrooks-Berk and Brian Berk

Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation

Ellen and Andrea Nasi

Jane and Michael Nicolais

Kathleen Phelan and James Britt

Robert M. Rogers Foundation

Trudi Schneider

Deborah Sievers

Kim Taylor and John Milner

Wood River Foundation

Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999

Baldy Biscuit Company

Kelsey Bates and Marshall Rule

Lynn and Tom Beddows

Pat and Jack Billhardt

Janne and Henry Burdick

Martine and Dan Drackett

Renee Faltings

Happy Fitzgerald

Rita and George Golleher

Tami and James Grigsby

Sue and Dan Guggenheim

Shirley and Harry Hagey

Harris Foundation

Peggy Hicks

Hoffman Foundation

Ross and Martha Jennings

Peter and Bonnie Kremer

Mary and Gerald Lively

Elizabeth L. Mathieu

McCrea Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund of Northern Trust Company

Karen and John Melk

Linda and Bill Nicholson

Ann and Robert Osher

PECO Foundation

Perlstein Foundation

Carol Rees and John Foley

Gail and Bob Smelick

Diana and Steve Strandberg

Sun Valley Title Company

Jill and Fred Vogel

Carmen and Jim Ward

Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (6)

Lisa and Steve Antry

The Bachman Foundation

Jennifer Badish and Jim Lindstrom

Kathy Benjamin and Greg Nebgen

Roberta, Ron, and Gogh Bloom

Beverly Boas

Brooke Bonner and Kyle Baysinger

Torene and Chas Bonner

Kathy and Greg Boylston

Betsy Brooks

Burt Family Foundation

*Pat and Bob Campbell

Susan and Art Carlson

Alicia and Jeff Carnevali

Kim and Andy Castellano

Penny and Buzz Coe

Bill Cohen

Sue and Earl Cohen

Kathy Coull

Jan and Ed Cummins

*The Dawson Family

Susan Desko and Tim Semones

Linda and Bob Edwards

Fred and Gayle Bieker Family Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

Virginia Freeman-Robb and Don Robb

Suzanne Gerlits

Rivian and Stuart Glickman

Deana and Morley Golden

Norie and Stuart Goodell

Edyth and David Goodman

Gordon R. and Mary M. Howard Family Foundation

Green Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Chuck Guinn

Victoria and Dain Hamilton

*Elaine Harfst

Carol and Len Harlig

Gundl and John Haskell

Hecht 2008 Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Maureen and Justin Hotard

Jeff K. Jones

Chipper and Bill Joseph

Emily and Steven Karassik

Linda and John Keane

Chris and Don Keirn

Joannie and Ron Lane

Andrea Laporte

Lawson Laski Clark & Pogue, PLLC

Lennox Foundation

Carole Lewis and Ted Walczak

Tom Livermore and Scott Shadrick

Michelle and Ray Lombard

Chanya and Jay Longley

Susan Lovett

Christina Lowell

Leslie and Al Luray

Frances MacDonald

Jan and Bob Main

Marie Martin

Sheila and Jerry Mells

Melinda and Tony Moiso

James Moore

Tim Mott and Pegan Broke

Kerri and Thomas Moyer

Janet Nathanail and William Flanz

Doreen and Jeff Neel

Andrea Nelson and Rod Harten

Bev and Robert O'Neill

Kristin and Michael Owens

Phyllis Parvin and Sheldon Slaten

PHI Donor Advised Fund in the BNY Charitable Gift Fund

Philip H. and Jane G. Geier Fund at the Cleveland Foundation

Leslie Phinney and Karl Bischoff

Jay Phipps

Priscilla Pittiglio

Don Polifka

Linda A. and William S. Potter

Marjorie Praegitzer

R & B Severson Survivor's Trust

Eileen and Tom Raney

Susan and Doug Rhymes

Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Diane and Harry Rinker

Nancy and Brad Rosenberg

Mary Ann Ryan

Silver Creek Outfitters, Inc.

Denise Simone and Greg Cappel

Mary and Ian Snow

Claire and Allan Snyder

Southern Idaho RV and Marine

Nancy and Andrew Starr

Harry Stevens

The Swig Foundation

Melissa and Steven Thies

Thunderpaws Pet Shoppe, Inc

Diane and John Trimper

US Bank

Susan and Phil Usher

Laura and Steve Van Ribbink

Vaughan W. Brown Family Foundation

Waddell Fine Art, LLC

Ellen and John Wallace

Sherry Warner and Jeffrey Steinberg

Wells Fargo Private Bank

Kate Westerhout

Lynn Whittelsey

Aurora and Travis Wilkinson

Beth and Paul Willis

Wood River Women's Foundation Member's Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

Bonnie and Bob Zalkowitz

Zions Bank

Gifts of $500 - $999

Anonymous (5)

Carole and David Almond

The American Gift Fund

Jackie and Peter Anderson

Phyllis Blackburn

Jean and Jerry Bobo

The Boeing Company Gift Match/BPAC Program

Bradford Bosley

Carol Boswell

Braker-Olsen Family Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund

Bretall Family Fund

Janie Carlton

Christina Carroll

Ann Cavanaugh

Wendy Chase

Erin and Neil Clark

Steven Clayton

Mary and Michael Colhoun

Nancy Colhoun

Maureen and Jim Coyle

Kathy Crosson

Damian Farrell Design Group

Mary Ann Davidson

Caroline Dayton

Janet and Roger DeBard

DeLuca Family Charitable Trust

Maggie and Ken Dolan

Noel Ellman

Susan Engelmann

Pam Feld

Christine Ferguson

Jeani and John Ferrari

Cecelia Freilich

Carol Fremont-Smith and Paul Smith

Joyce Friedman

Theresa Gallant and Edward Bulchis

Kendra Gallaugher

Inge Geri

Judith and Ernest Getto

Greta Hansen

Suzanne Hazlett and Chuck Rumpf

Lisa Holley

Susan Holley

Cindy Johnson

Ruth Jones

Kathy and Bob Jordan

Judy Kaiser

The Kassatly Family

Mary Letourneau

Sharon and Richard Linville

*KD Long

Phyllis and Don Lundquist

Patty and Ken Luplow

Michelle Magagna

Stani and Chris Malmgren

Denise McCain and Charles Tharnstrom

Mary Sue and Murray McClain

Sandy and Jack McCullough

Pamela McMahon

Nadine and Charlie McWilliams

Deborah and Ray Mello

Micron Technology Inc.

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Nancy and Jeff Mihalic

Lisa and Bill Mirams

Gay Miremont and George Martin

Lili and Ambrose Monell

Brent Montgomery

Terry and Mike Murphy

Mary and Matt Murray

Harriet and Bruce Newell

Susan Noyes

David Page

Patricia and Theresa Pemberton

Freddy and Phil Perry

Jori Potiker

Julia and Charles Potter Jr.

Prairie Foundation

Laurie and Bill Reighley

Sharon and Bart Rinker and the Rinker Girls

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Barbara and David Rognlien

Cheryl and Vern Rollin

Mike Roundy

Rachel Ruggeri

The Runswick Family

Carole and Mike Sampson

Hayward Sawyer

*Joe Scott

Terry and Richard Siegel

Richard Smooke

Peter E Snoek

Sandy and Jerry Solomon

Susan Spezza and Gregory George


*Josette Stellers

Megan Davis and Paul Stevenson

Jane and Peter Sturdivant

Catherine Sullivan

Angie and Jerry Tegan


Debra and Ray Vadalma

Valley Apothecary

Shelley and Theodore Vanderheyden

Vista Foundation

Diana and Mallory Walker

Frank Ward

Cecily Waterman and Jeffery Kingston

Del Webber

Wood River Insurance

Jeanne and Bill Wright

Wei Fen Zhou

Gifts of $250 - $499

Anonymous (6)

Valerie Ashbaugh

Teresa and Ken Barker

Baumgardner Family Charitable Fund of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Baxter Craven Young Charitable Donor Fund

Joseph Begovich

*Hermione Beresford and James Watkinson

Sarah Blumenstein

Sharon and Lynn Bockemohle

Debbe and Spike Booth

Bobbie and Dick Boyer

Debbie and Jason Brickley

Tracy and Ted Bridges

Amy Brown

Susan and Brian Buckley

Candida Burnap

Tracey Busby

Barbara and Nat Campbell

Eric Camplin

Franny Cheston

Linda and Dale Closner

Maryl and Chuck Cohan

Wendy and Bill Collins

Jane Conard and Rick Maneval

Mary Cone

Missy and Tipp Cullen

Meghan and Brian Cushard

Karen and Rick Davis

Christine Decyk

Dev Khalsa Photography

Jo-Anne Dixon and James Coyle

Casey Dove and Sam Christian

Holley and Chris duPont

Deina and Michael Duval

Gadrie Edmunds and David Keir

Stephanie Eisenbarth and Aaron DeChevrieux

Judy and Robert Fisher

Flat Top Sheep Co.

Sue and Mort Fuller

Jenny, Will and Max Gardenswartz

Kent Gardner

Mary Gerlits

Girls on the Run of the Wood River Valley

Carol and Scott Glenn

Margaret and Jack Haase

Thomas Hall

Paula and George Hauer

Ann and Thomas Helms

*Patty Holley

Virginia and Jeff Holloway

Leslie and Maurice Hornocker

Mary Jane Hunt

Idaho Nonprofit Center

Idaho Tower Construction Company

Jameen and Jon Jacoby

Jivaro, Inc.

Sherry and Dale Jones

Richard Kahn

Jamilynn Kaiser

Maggi and John Kelly

Gary Kuchcinski

Jan Lassetter and Mike Mead

Chickie and Jim Leonard

Marie Lerch

Jane Letourneau and John Frey

Jeanne and Tom Liston

Elise and Edward Lobel

Mari and Tom Lowe

Elise Lufkin

Marketron Broadcast Solutions, LLC

Joseph Martindale

Mary McKinney and Flay Ezell Fund

Flora Mason

Paige McAllister

Janet and John McCann

Kelly and Macy Mitchell

Patricia K Murphy

Mary and Carter Newton

Atheline Nixon

Richard Novik

Joan and Michael O'Neil

Marlene and Earl Peck

Stephanie and John Perenchio

Mary Anne and Allan Pinkerton

Estelle and Les Reid

Marline Rennels and Bob Bell

Julie Robertson Olson

Anthony Robinson

Beverley and Brent Robinson

Janet Rosenquist

Joan and Jay Sheets

Barbara and Richard Shelton

Nancy and John Shepherd

Hellyn Sher

Jimmie and Robert Simpson

Phyllis and Phillip Smith

Denise and Michael Smyth

James Songer

Peggy Striegel and Tom Schmeltz

Rosemary Talley

Terry Thompson and Mike Burke

Anne Thorson and Peter Ross

Marlene and Michael Tom

Cindy and Richard Troop

Susan J. Tryon

Charlotte Unger

Carol and Randy Updyke

Vandeventer and Carlander Architects

Fara Warner

Gay Weake and Jay Cassell

*Brock Weber

Patty and Dick Wheeler

Barb Williams

Kathy Williams

Wood River Middle School Students

Heidi Woog and Tom Archie

Patience and Bob Ziebarth

Gifts of $100 - $249


Anonymous (11)

Susan Adams

Colleen M. Adamson

Allison J. Akehurst and Eric Anderson

Kelly and Wayne Allen

Sharon and Philip Almeida

Christie and Graham Anderson

Lisa and Roger Anderson

Lesley Andrus

Leila and Ted Angle

John Ankner

Christy Avery

Lexa and David Ayer

Kevin Baker

Gini and Mark Baumgardner

Jane Beattie

Steve Bernard

Gail Landis and Victor Bernstein

Courtni and Charlie Billow

Margaret Bishop

Ann and Mario Bisio

Denise Bittner

Janice and Thadd Blanton

Emmy Blechmann

Ruth and Jacob Bloom

Gay and Donald Boecker

*Susy and Steve Boettcher

Karen and Chuck Bohlke

Martha and John Bolliger

Joan S. Bortnick

Janet Bostwick

Amy Boyer and Dean Hernandez

Jill Brennan

Julie Brewer

Mary Lou and James Briggs

Kelly and Michael Browne

Kelle Weston and Parker Bryan

Sandy and Fred Bryant

Lauryl Bunting

Jeannine Burns

Judy and Kevin Cahill

Wendy and Hans Cairncross

*Rachel Caldwell

Barbara and Emil Capik

Cassie Carroll

June and Bill Carson

John Carver

Claire B. Casey

John Cathey

Laurie and Phillip Catron

Chapter One Bookstore

Sharon Chernoff

Brad Chinn

Albert Chu

The Chubb and O'Connell Family

Kam Cirica

Scott Cotter

Shawn Crea

The Creative Edge

Crosson Family Giving Fund

Sheila and Ed Cunningham

Karen Curry and Jack Jackson

Lauren and Griffin Day

Dmitri De La Cruz

Karen and Marc de Saint Phalle

Dede and Rick Drucker

Annette M. Denker

Mark Dentz

Kiki Devan

Marcia Dibbs and Jim Santa

Tamar Dolgen and Sergio Bicas

Carey and John Dondero

Sandy Donohue

Randi and Fred DuBois

Becky Duncan

Marie Dupuis and Peter Westergard

Thomas Dupuis

Darlene and Ted Dyer

*Judy Edwards

Rebecca Eichhorn and Lawrence Schoen

Ann and Leon Ellis

Jennifer and Kevin Embree

Gay Emery

Teresa and Robert Englehart

Joan Espe

Pat Ethridge

Karen Exon

Tracey Felix

Leslie and Mike Feltman

Judith V. Ferries

Nancy and Chuck Ferries

Daralene and John Finnell

Katherine Fisk

Martin Flannes

Sandra and John Flattery

Janine Florence

Shelly Forsling and Scott Boettger

Elsa and Louis Francisco

The Friesen Gallary

Annie Fuller

Feli Funke-Riehle

Brian and Julie Gallagher

Pam and Chris Gammon

Dilys Garcia

Kathryn and Robert Gardner

Kathleen and Richard Gariepy

Mack and Ann Gasaway

Robert Gehrke

Margaret Germanotta

Christine and Robert Gertschen

Nancy Gervais

Kathy and George Gibson

Elisabeth Giovine

Girl Scout Troop 348

Tina Gittelson


Margaret Goldberg

Darlene Goodwin

Ezmaralda Gordon

Margery Gotshall

Michelle and Baird Gourlay

Marcee and Joel Graff

Corey Graham

Kevin P. Grant

Tatyana and Ward Gray

Angela Grider

Cynnie and Wayne Griffin

Karen Rawlings Griffith

Nancy and Lloyd Gurney

Deron Hagberg

Hailey Paint and Supply

Mary and Joe Hall

Rebecca Hall

Pete Hambrick

*Stephanie Hansen and Heidi Husbands

Cynthia and Michael Hartell

Diane Hartogensis

Angel Fund Foundation

Francie and Mike Hawkey

Angela Hearld and Tom Osenton

Henry Group - Sacramento

Jeanne and Fred Henry

High Country Heating Inc.

Nanette Hinton

Madora and Einar Hoff

Connie and Gary Hoffman

Joanne and Terry Hogue

Ame Holden

Cindy Hollinger

Dana Hollister

Merle Horwitz

Dana and Gregory Howell

Elizabeth and Steven Huish

Susan and David Hummon

Nancy and Joe Humphrey

Barb and Dan Hurlbutt

Merel and George Imel

Lucie Jackson

Ellen and Paul James

Wendy and Jim Jaquet

Jessi's Forever Family

Christine Johnson and Jim Bartolino

The Johnson Company

Jonathon and Susan Dolgen Family Foundation

K & S Engineering, LLC

Valorie Kacherian

Carol and Edward Karner

Janice and James Keane

Kaye and Gerry Kearns

Janet Kellam and Andy Munter

Scooty and Ken Kellogg

Sandy and Russ Kirk

Becky Klassen and Buck Drew

Lurah Klatt

Cheryl and Joe Knight

Lorena Kocher

Carol Dorazio and Robert Korb

Charlene and S. Sandford Kornblum

Kathryn Kreilkamp

Audrey Kupchan and Samuel Havens

Tracy Landauer

Alice and Bob Lane

Sarah and Zach Latham

Abby and David Lee

Adrienne Leugers and Drew Chilson

Debra and Jack Levin

Lewis Rivera family

Raquel and Bert Lewitt

Ruth Lieder

Kevin Lincoln

Susan Lindsay

Diane Lischio and Dave Burns

Elisabeth Lyons and Doug Mangel

Gina and Alex Macdonald

Kathy and Randy MacMillan

Mary and Stephen Malkmus

Catherine Mann

Pamela Mann and Mark Miller

Nora Lovell Marchant

Margaret Marcus

William Markar

Maurita Martin

Susan Marzolf

Christina Gearin and Andrew Mayo

Claudia McCain

Louise and William McCann

Sally and David McCollum

Cathy McDonald

James McElveen

Karen McMurtrey

Patricia Millington

Diane and Jim Miner

Judith and Roy Murdock

Jen and Shaun Murray

Sabine Muskari

Bobbi Navarro

Barbara and Barry Neiwert

Carol and Richard Nelson

Marika Nelson

Joanne Nissen

Kay Norris

Carmen and Edward Northen

Lindy Novak

Nadia Novik

Louise Wilson Noyes and Jay Noyes

Vida and Dave Ober

Jane Oliver

Trish Oliver

Diane Olson and Jim Lee

Roxanne Olson

Margie and Jack Oosting

Wanda Pere

Mary Ann Peters

Janice Peterson and Patrick Wolfe

Erin and Jeff Pfaeffle

Cindy and Craig Phelan

Marda Phelps

Kathleen Pierce

Teri Pierce and Dick Matthews

The Pillar Family

Brenda Powell

Amy Pugsley

Sharon and Tom Pyle

Sue Ranney

Lisa Rebman

Carol and Earl Reed

Ellie Reed

Louise and Paul Renne

Sanford Ress

James Reynolds

Keefer Reynolds

Mary Richards

Renee and Sid Rivers

Sarah and Bill Robertson

Sabrina Roblin

*Kelly Rollin

Kathi Rothner

June and Lawrence Rouse

The Russo and Hall Families

Elizabeth Ryan

Athena and Jim Sabala

Shauna Saffle

Karen and Keith Saks

Scarlet Rixon

Kathy and Roger Sanger

Russ Satterly

Libs Schlater and Clark Casebolt

Phyllis and Leonard Schlessinger

Maureen Schwendener

Sheri Slater

Kat Smith-Cannell and Willi Cannell

Barb Spallino

Sylvia, Marcus and Ruby

Tana Stahn

Leigh Koonce and Juerg Stauffacher

Sharon and Gene Steiner

Charlotte Stevenson

JT Stewart

Gertrude Stretton

Steenie Sullivan

Jani Sutherland

Jeanette Sutherlin and Gary Heindel

Jean Tagliapietra

Megan and Adam Tanous

That's Entertainment

Corneil Therrien

Penny and Ted Thomas

Hazel M. Thorne

Gail Thornton

The Townsend Family of Palos Verdes

Karen and Bruce Truxal

Pam and Dick Tucker

Lindsey Tulloch

Katinka and John Tunney

Parker Turck

Sue and Scott Ulbrich

Jane Ulrich

Ronald Valentine

Hope Van Der Meulen

Courtney and Travis Vandenburgh

Cass VanDerMeer

Jeanne and Joel Vilinsky

Linda and Gary Vinagre

Suzanne and Michael Walsh

Heidi Walt Watanabe

Christine and James Warjone

Jennifer Waskow

Van Watkins

Jacky Watson

Sandra Webel

Liza Weekes

Julie and Ed Weil

Robin Weiner

Ann L. Weinman

Julie Weston and Gerhardt Morrison

David Westcamp

Diana Whiting and Douglas Walton

Peter Wick III

Carolyn Wicklund

Sophie and John Wilkes

Katie and Gibbs Wilkins

Carla and Tobin Williams

Melisa and Jeff Williams

Sharon and Charles Williamson

Sandra Willingham

Linda and Keith Winnovich

Wood River Welding Company

Jesse Wright

Harry and Karen Wyeth Charitable Fund

Patricia Yarber

Cathy and Jeffrey Zaccardi

Eugenia Zuckerman

Gifts of $50 - $99

Anonymous (8)

Craig and Vicki Aberbach

Stephen Achilles

Milton Adam

Jami Adrian

Helen Anawalt

Susan Arnholt

Maureen and Donald Baker

Tawni Baker and Jamie Trevino

Brandy and James Baldwin

Sharon and Vidvuds Bandrevics

Sabeena Bann

Marie and Brett Barton

Harriet and Richard Bass

Thea and Roger Beaudoin

Jim Beckdolt

J. Matthew Bell

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Holly Bieniawski

Linda and Paul Black

Elise Boeger

Loretta and Bo Bolin

Stephanie Bourgette and Ken Grayson

Helen Bonner

Teresa and William Bourke

Carol J. Bradshaw

Kathy Braegger

Gini Brittenham and Mike Viebrock

Carol and Douglas Brown

David Brown

Kathy and Bernard Brown

Kerry Brown

Marsha Brown

Amy Browning

The Buchanan Family

Twyla and Jimmy Bulcher

Jan and Gerry Burrell

Mariann Byerwalter

Helen Byington

Story and Savannah Byington

Robin Calderon

Cambia Health Foundation

Jennifer and Shane Carlson

RL Carrothers

The Catering Company

Elizabeth Chalmers

Linda and Doug Clemens

Lindy Cogan and Laura Hubbard

Devon Collins

Consign Design

Mary Cook

Renee Cook

Katie and Scott Corkery

Jennifer Corrao

Susan and James Costanzo

Jeff Courtney

Sally Crevier and Mike Williams

Jack Croul

Karin Davies

Sumi and Ryan Deal

Judy Demetre

Beverly Demoura

Laura Densmore

Charles Depietro

Nailia Doneen

Linda Drake and David Stansfield

Linda Duer

Kati Dunham

Laurence Dupuis

Sandy and Mike Durkin

Melissa and Brian Elkins

Philip Elway

Poppy and Robin Englehardt

Jessalyn Farrington and John Scheinberg

Ginger Ferries, Hound Around LLC

Laurie and Theron Fiscus

Sally Flint

Jodie and Rick Flores

Phyllis and Lawrence Frank

Stephen Garcie

Philip W. Gilbert

Greta Gilman

Karla Gonzalez

*Molly! Goodyear and Mike Wolter

Barbara Gray

Julie Guillen

Karen and Gil Guisler

Steven Hackel

Jane Hargraft

Jennifer Harper and Frank Gerlits, Jr.

Hope Hayward and Walter Eisank

Mollee and Gretchen Hecht

Roberta and Tom Heinrich

Becca Hemingway

Doug Hennion

Brett, Emily, Mjaldr, Pandora & Thrall Hill

Bobbye Hinson

Marcia Hoff

Bonnie and Dean Hovencamp

Jason Howard

Sandra Smyth Hyde

Robert Innes

Vanessa Isaac

Kimberlee Johnson

Jennifer Kenney

Cherie and Rick Kessler

Trevor King

Linda Kish

Lois Koonce

Inez Kraynick

Janet Krogh

Barbara Kruse

Cari Larsen

April Laytem

Ashley Levasseur

Gail and Gerald Lincoln

Cathy and Edward Lind

Jordanne Lindenmuth

Nancy Linscott

The Lipman Family

Michael McGrath

Heidi McLane

Jill Metcalfe

Heidi Mickelson and Danny Beritich

Judith M. Milazzo

Jeanette Miller

Chiyo Miyasaki-Parten

Julie Moore

Moos Family

Stewart Tyler Morgan

BettyAnn Mummert

James C. Nemecek

Fred Northrup

Tina O'Donnell

Carol O'Loughlin

Paola Ornelas

Alison Oswald and Daniel Plax

Gerald O'Toole

Jan Palomo

Ruth Parrott

Wes Pascale

Thomas S. Perakos

Melinda and Bill Pereira

Lynea Petty

Maura and Greg Pfeiffer

The Plutsky Family

Shelley and Ben Pogorelsky

Dan Pronovost

Mark W Reinking

John Reynolds

Nancy Richter

Emily Riegel

Mrs. Shelby Roberts

Beverly Robertson and Charles Conn

Will & Lucy Lamoureux and Deborah Robertson

Linda Rowe

Susie and Richard Rutkowski

Nancy St. George

Angie and Steve Schab

Lynn Schaefer

Barbara Scher

Janice Schneider

Gerald Schroeder

Matt Scoggins

The Scott Family

Lori and Zach Sewell

Richard Sharbinin

Sandy Shaw

Eileen and Gene Sheiniuk

Mary Shimchick

Robert Sinclair

Kelly Choma and Scott Slonim

Judy and Jeff Sparks

Louie Spencer

Frances J. Spurlock

Frank Stanton

Patricia and Jim Strang

Frances and Carl Stremmel

Elizabeth Sturges and Justin Safley

Sun Valley Cleaners & Laundry

Ellen Suter and Neil Fleishon

Sandra and Thomas Swanson

Alex and Ron Taylor

Team TruNorth

Lynn Telford

Carly and Bryan Tempest

Jenn Terra and Seth Woodward

Erica A. Thorson

Kathy Toledo

Debra Town and Robert Tetik

Trask Construction, Inc

Dane and Chelsea Trotzig

Maureen VanAmerongen

*Jennifer E Varner

Andy Vaught

Carol and Mike Wade

BZ Waite

Mari Wania

Linda Warren

Dawn and Brian Webber

Rachel Webster

Barb Wedman

Betty Weida

Joanna Wesler

Carrie Williams

Dallas Wilson

Window Welder

Nancy Winton

Candace and Dr. Ted Witt

Claudia Worthen

Kate Wutz

James Young

Joanne Zwingenberg

Gifts of $25 - $49

Anonymous (3)

Barb and Mark Acker

Barbara Adams

Anne Aganon and Gordon Cavanaugh

Sue Ahern

Debbie and Andy Akers

Sharon Arms

Marsha Azorsky

Alex Babalis

Victoria and Andrew Baeten

Sue Bailey

Anthony Barriatua

Cara and Weylin Barrett

Kathy Beste

Rebecca and Robert Boehlen

Jackie and Eric Box

Kathleen Brockway

Linda and Bob Brucksieker

Jeanne and Nancy Brydges

Angela and Bryan Burrell

Joyce Burrell

Maya Burrell

The Furry Bury Family

Constance Caffes

Miles Canfield

Gloria Carlton

Andrea Christensen

Tamera Clifford

Diane and Jeff Cordes

Pepin Corso-Harris

Susan and Roger Crist

Jessica Daniels

Pat Davies

Becky Deshields

Jane Dettwiler

Kendra DeYoung

Deborah and Michael Donley

Anna and John Droege

Emma and Harry Drucker

Patricia Duggan

Rachelle Dupuis-Flatt

Maija and Al Eerkes

Kurt Eichstaedt

Amy and Michael Elle

Wendy and James Erickson

Jeanne and Dale Ewersen

Cindy and Mike Fabian

Pamela and Ronald Fairfax

Connie and Joe Farina

Cindy and Jay Feris

Suzanne Flores

Kara Florinca

Mariko Fukuda

Candace and Jim Funk

Max Gardenswartz

Christie Giglio

Mary Green

Arnold Gregg

Sandy Gregorak and Tom Bassett

Michelle and Bill Griffin

Connie Hagestad

Carol Hall

Gayle and Robert Hall

Hurley and Dain Hamilton

Angie and Kris Hansen

Erin Harvey

Hillary and Chad Hayward

Gay Henry

Audrey Hernandez

Sarah Hornes

Mary Jane and Lawrence Huck

Karla and Adan Jimenez

Kelsey Johndrow

Shirley Jonas

Jacquelyn Jones and Ulises Odio

Nancy and Lee Jones

Janice Jorgensen

Estelle Katz

Elizabeth Kelly

Lois Klein

Ingrid Klumpp

Faith Koppes

Aletha Korchinski

Chris Kraatz

Kris Krolczyk

Cynthia Langlois

Janet Lee

David Lee-Painter

Robbie Lopez

Peggy and Howard Lovering

Laurie Luft

Julie and Bob Lynn

Jo Ann MacLaurie

Ken Martin

Jami and Michael Mason

Joanne and Tom Mayhew

Marianne and Kevin McCabe

Jamie McClure

Derek McIver

Kristin McMahon

Judith Meyer

Rhiana Macaya Mitchell and Michael Mitchell

Rebecca and Robert Mitchell

Julie and Peter Molema

Bekka Mongeau

Donna and George Mongeau

Margaret Munzig

Michael Murray

Karen Nestor

Michal Ocallaghan-Abbott and Greg Abbott

Shawnie and Alan Olson

Todd Ormiston

Nina and Wayne Orvik

Cameron Packer

Jennifer and Sean Parnell

Tom Perry

Mary Jo and Rick Pinnell

Hugh Plant

Gerald Randklev

Carol Rank

Helen M. Ray

Susan Robertson

Ronile and Leroy Robinson

Catherine and Ken Rockwell

Snaque and Ford Rollo

Marian St. Ong

The Ruggeri Family

Michelle and Duftan Sandoz

Michael Sanfilippo

Heidi Schiers

Deb Schimmel

Rebecca Scribner

Brigid, Bass, and Hobie Sears

Kim and Bob Shaw

Sandy Nietling-Shepard

Jim Slanetz

Cindy Smith

Naomi and Matt Spence

Janis and Doug Tedrow

Judy and Mike Thesing

Debra and David Town

Karen and Larry Tucker

David Voss

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Karen Waters

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Martha Thompson Williams

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Maggie and Ken Dolan

Robin and Sam East

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Hill's Pet Nutrition

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Kelly and Macy Mitchell

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Sleight of Hand Cellars

Southern Idaho RV and Marine

Sun Valley Company

Sun Valley Source

Cindy and Peter Urbanowicz

The Weekly Sun

Zip Local

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Jane and Thomas Acomb M.D.

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Ryan Anderson

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Atkinsons' Markets

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Barbara Boswell and Harold Robinson

Melissa Graves Brown and Christopher Brown

Ryan Bumgardner

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Casitas of Arroyo Grande

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Tana and Paul Dean

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Gray Family

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Lynnet Mehlberg-Porth

Sheila and Jerry Mells

Middle Fork Rapid Transit

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Sue and Brett Novik

Olivia, Barrett, and Julia Ott

Michael Parks

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Wesley Purdy

Red Door Design House

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James Reynolds

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Wood River Sustainability Center

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Prudence Hemmings

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Aaron Hughston

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

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Laurie and Les Kaufman

Nick Kavanagh

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Knob Hill Inn

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Sheila and Ray Liermann

Locally Owned Radio, LLC

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Picabo Livestock Corp.

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Christopher Simms

Carolyn Smith

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Sturtevant's of Sun Valley

Sun Valley Wellness Festival

Sun Valley Wine Company

David Sundholm

Kristi and Ross Sutton

Tastevin Wines

Jeanne Thompson

Diane Vickery

Kevin Wallace

Mel Walter

Whiskey Jacques'

White Cloud Rafting Adventures

Beth and Michael Willard

Delaney Willey

Jennifer and Jason Williams

Justin Zotts

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101 Wine Tours

5B Pilates

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Betty L. Barnes

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Black Owl Coffee, LLC

Blaine County Recreation District

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Christopher & Co

Teresa and Bill Collins

Danner's Cabins

Britt and Cory Davis

Robin Davis

Dev Khalsa Photography

Marcia Dibbs and Jim Santa

Martine and Dan Drackett

Dylan SV


LeeAnn Fairfield

Christine Ferguson

Caitlin Ferry and Tristan Head

Anneta and Barney Galvin

Maria and Zarai Gomez

Kim Hayes

Angela Hearld and Tom Osenton

High Altitude Fitness

Idaho Mud


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The Lady with the Alligator Purse

LeLa Designs

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Manuel Orozco

R.A.D. Mosaic

Redfish Lake Lodge

Erin Rheinschild

Sawtooth Equine Service

Sawtooth Sled Dog Tours

Rachel Schocet

Silver Creek Outfitters, Inc.

Sun Valley Auto Club

Sun Valley Center for the Arts

Sun Valley Garden Center

Sun Valley Suns

Sun Valley Trekking

Sushi on Second

Talley Vineyards

Thunderpaws Pet Shoppe, Inc

Towne and Parke

The Valley Club

Valley Office Systems

Whitecloud Mountain Gems

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