Dog License Sales & Tracking

Blaine County Animal Code requires any person owning a dog six months of age or older to obtain and exhibit a valid dog license. Mountain Humane oversees the sale and record keeping of all Blaine County Dog licenses. Pet owners must show proof of rabies vaccination in order to obtain a Blaine County dog license.

On the chance that your dog ever gets loose or lost and ends up at the shelter, a current license will help us reunite you with your pet quickly. A simple dog license allows our staff to access the computer database, identify the owner and make contact immediately.

License Sales Locations:


Mountain Humane

Ketchum Police Department

Sun Valley Police Department

St. Francis Pet Clinic

Sun Valley Animal Center

Sawtooth Animal Center

License Fees:

$ 10.00 spayed/ neutered dog

$ 20.00 non-altered dog

$ 1.00 replacement tag

There is also a $1.00 fee if you request your new license be mailed to you instead of picking it up from one of the locations above.

Licenses are issued for one calendar year, valid January 1 – December 31 annually.

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