Christine Brumback

Board Member

In the summer of 1992, Christine Brumback visited Sun Valley for the first time after her aunts decided to spend their summers here. Originally a Floridian, this was the start of her love affair with the West – learning about the beauty of Idaho – with plentiful hiking (and low humidity!). She is grateful to have kept her aunts’ home and enjoys spending several months a year here.

Professionally, Christine is a product management and strategy advisor with over two decades of experience at tech startups and media companies. She was a pivotal influence at Fitbit, Vida Health, and others. As a co-director of Princeton Alumni Angels, Christine manages a network of investors and volunteers while investing in and advising human wellness and pet tech startups. In her past life, she was an adjunct professor of assistive technology at NYU.

Christine has had a lifelong passion for animal welfare: taking in stray pets as a child and adopting and fostering as an adult. While volunteering at shelters here and in San Francisco, she realized how much behavior factors into a dog’s likelihood of staying in a home. Thus, she is currently a student at the Academy for Dog Trainers and is excited to bring this education to Mountain Humane.