Stephanie Eisenbarth

Senior Development Director

Steph is an Idaho native and was born with an abiding love of the outdoors and a deep passion for animals and their welfare.  She feels so fortunate to have followed a career path that allowed her to make a small difference in the world, ranging from protecting Idaho’s precious rivers, salmon, and steelhead to now working with Mountain Humane to help rescue wayward animals, showcase the human-animal bond, and connect pets with their forever families.  In 2013, Steph and her husband adopted a beautiful pit-mix, Rosarita, from the local animal shelter.  Rose’s ability to overcome, rebound, forgive and love again was life-changing.  Truly, who rescued who?

Steph’s favorite things in life include wild open spaces, live music, adventures with her husband, and explorations with her critters, whether that be in the backcountry or in the backyard.